Receive the benefits of a Reiki session in the comfort of your own home, at work or on the road.  Just like an in-person Reiki session, you will experience the same healing benefits. And, you get to decide when and where it happens!

What is Reiki

Reiki is a gentle Japanese technique that works to restore your energy flow and clear energetic blockages that can appear as physical symptoms and conditions in the body over time. Reiki’s healing energy works with the subtle energies of the body to promote deep relaxation, alleviate pain and mental distress, and create greater emotional/spiritual balance.

Who Can Benefit

For people who have busy lives and difficulty fitting in time for self-care, Distance Reiki is the perfect solution.  It’s a convenient option for people who are dealing with illness, mobility or transportation issues, or any other limitation that makes attending an office session difficult.

Natural, non-invasive and safe, Reiki is an effective stand-alone treatment, as well as an effective method to compliment traditional medical treatments. Use Reiki to reduce your recovery time from a surgical procedure or to manage daily stress. It’s a soothing and relaxing way to heal yourself through the connection of mind, body and spirit!

What to Expect

Despite being in separate physical locations, the results of Distance Reiki sessions are as equally beneficial and can sometimes be even more fascinating than an in-person office session!  Based on principles used in Quantum Physics, I share and send Reiki energy with you while you rest and receive the energy.

During your distance session, I’ll speak with you twice; once at the beginning of the session to discuss the flow of the session and then again, at the end, to discuss your experience and any observations I may have while conducting the session.

While each Reiki experience is unique and personal, common experiences include: physical sensations, warmth, emotional release, and/or feelings of peace during your session. Reiki will generally leave you feeling calm and refreshed as it restores healthy energy flow and balance to mind, body and spirit.  After a few sessions, many people people experience more calm and balance in their lives, as well as other mental, physical, and emotional benefits.


Reiki sessions help to:

    • Reduce stress and pain
    • Improve sleep
    • Increase mental clarity
  • Balance the mind and emotions
  • Release negative emotions and stress
  • Accelerate recovery from surgery and illness
  • Promote deep relaxation and healing
  • Prevent illness and maintain health

I love my distance Reiki sessions.  The powerful results I’ve witnessed (with clients here and in Europe!) never cease to amaze me! 

$75/60 minutes ~ Payment required at the beginning of session.

I felt my lower back snap into alignment

I’m still not sure how this works, but I love the results! I’ve had multiple distance sessions with Kristen and each experience has been very healing and relaxing, as well as unique. I feel incredibly relaxed and surrounded by peace and warmth.

One of the best moments for me was when I felt my lower back snap into alignment during a session!  I’d been having several days of pain and soreness in my lower back prior to my appointment. I didn’t even tell Kristen about my back issue before the starting the session. So, when we went over the session afterward and she told me she felt a big release of heavy energy my back, I was stunned! In other sessions, it’s also helped clear up headaches, as well as other aches and pains.

I love receiving her healing energy- and the positive results always amaze me, especially since we’re thousands of miles apart!  If you’re on the fence about Distance Reiki, I highly recommend trying it.  You won’t be disappointed!



S.C. ~ Helsinki, Finland