I often refer to the “process” when I’m working with people or posting, but what does that mean exactly?

As is pretty standard related to holistic health coaching, the “process” includes useful information and tips to support healthier eating and lifestyle habits, so you can feel better and live a higher quality of life.

While this same service is true in my work,  my “process” is also incredibly unique in that it offers deep healing and symptom resolution for people facing chronic conditions based on one’s willingness to work with the simple pieces provided.

The “process” is not a gimmick or a marketing ploy.  It’s part of a paradigm shift in how we think about our health, how we support our health, and what we believe about our body’s ability to heal. Shifting these things allows us to get at the root causes for symptoms and illness.

Simply put, the “process” is a journey of healing. And, more specifically, it’s a journey of healing in reverse.

What does healing in reverse mean?

As you begin the process and add simple, yet important pieces of the protocols to your life, you start to see shifts in your health.

While some of those shifts, like increased energy, are positive, there may also be some shifts during the process that may appear as symptom flares that may make you want to give up.

Don’t Give Up! This is the critical point where you must know and remember that you’re winning!!  These flare ups are more often a sign that your body is responding to the process and that you’ve set yourself on a road to better health.  (IMPORTANT NOTE: If you experience any type of medical issue or emergency, please seek attention from a medical provider. The goal is to have the process work in conjunction with any treatment you may choose to receive through your medical providers.)

Of course, we all hope that feeling better and becoming healthier is a smooth, carefree journey, but the path to better health isn’t always a straight line. In all honesty, there are some bumps, twists and turns in the road that are just part of the healing journey. You may even end up revisiting some symptoms from your recent past or some that you thought were long gone, but have mysteriously reappeared.

These bumps in the road can be irritating, annoying and even a little painful at times, but we breathe, refocus and with renewed intention and willingness, move forward on the path.

It’s ok. It’s all part of the process.  And remember, those bumps in the road are also temporary.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other. You will eventually make your way past each bumpy twist and turn until one day, you find yourself on smoother ground with better days in your sights.

Just know that your body is always working to bring your systems and functions into homeostasis (balance). It’s a holistic system that is designed to heal itself.

Your body wants you to give it the support it needs to restore your health. I’m here to help you through it. Trust the process and trust that your body will show up for you. 

Trusting the holistic process