Hydration. We all know about it. We understand that our bodies need water to function well. And, that makes sense. So, why can it be challenging to feel and stay hydrated?  

There have been many times where despite all of the water I was drinking, it didn’t seem to be doing the job. I was still thirsty a lot (= dehydration) and dealing with dry skin.

I started to wonder, was I doing something wrong? Why did I never feel like I was really hydrated?


Living Water is Key

Maybe you’re like me too. I ambitiously carried a water bottle around with me during the day intending to drink half of my body weight in ounces each day. I would chug some filtered H2O while running around with the kids around in the car, in between laundry loads, appointments and dog walks. I even used apps and set alarms on my phone to make sure I hit the “right” levels of hydration.

Unfortunately, I was still thirsty and my skin was not where I wanted it to be. And, drinking so much water made it necessary for me to map out my travels during the day to make sure a bathroom was available at any given time! 

What I’ve finally come to understand about hydration is that not all water is equally hydrating. Some of the water we’re drinking may not be very hydrating at all. But, that’s an easy fix.

To receive the highest hydration benefit, it is important to drink living water.


Where do I get living water?

This is easy! Squeeze some fresh lemon juice into your water and you’ve turned it into living water. Adding the bioactive molecules from fresh fruits and veggies turn regular water into a tonic that is more bioavailable to the body and its cells and tissues. This improved access allows for better hydration.

For an added boost, try adding some honey and ginger to your lemon water and drink first thing in the morning to support cleansing, energy and digestion. Drink this combination throughout the day for maximum benefit.

Choose other fruits or veggies that you can squeeze, smash or diffuse into your water. Berries are fantastic options to add to your water to make it super hydrating and full of antioxidants.

Coconut water is another great living water option for hydration. It also provides a lot of electrolytes to the body.


The results?

After a short while of incorporating living water into my own health protocols, I could tell that I was less thirsty and I could feel that my body was taking a turn for the better. Living water became an integral part of daily hydration and incredibly supportive as I progressed through my detox process. Now, my body craves and asks for living water and the benefits it provides.

I want you to experience the benefits too! Be creative in making living water that you most enjoy. Start with an amount that feels comfortable and increase from there.

Have fun being a hydration “mixologist”!

The Key to Good Hydration