I’m still not sure how this works, but I love the results! I’ve had multiple distance sessions with Kristen and each experience has been very healing and relaxing, as well as unique. I feel incredibly relaxed and surrounded by peace and warmth.

One of the best moments for me was when I felt my lower back snap into alignment during a session!  I’d been having several days of pain and soreness in my lower back prior to my appointment. I didn’t even tell Kristen about my back issue before the starting the session. So, when we went over the session afterward and she told me she felt a big release of heavy energy my back, I was stunned! In other sessions, it’s also helped clear up headaches, as well as other aches and pains.

I love receiving her healing energy- and the positive results always amaze me, especially since we’re thousands of miles apart!  If you’re on the fence about Distance Reiki, I highly recommend trying it.  You won’t be disappointed!



I felt my lower back snap into alignment