1:1 Holistic Health Program
Individual planning, guidance & support to attain true wellness

Get the answers and support you need to turn your health around from chronic illness. Our holistic health consulting program offers a comprehensive holistic health approach in one-on-one online sessions that combine the key foundational concepts and information you need to feel better, in addition to compassionate and personalized support to guide you through the process.

Our holistic process helps you experience greater health, as well as a sense of empowerment and confidence as you begin to see changes in your health and regain trust in your body. Drawing from Medical Medium information, the process uses a whole food, nutrient-dense approach with a focus on eliminating toxins to restore health. We listen to your concerns and offer important resources and tools to support your holistic healing path. The ongoing support in this program is highly beneficial to your success, especially at times when you may see shifts in your health and have more questions.

At your initial session, we discuss your health concerns and history, provide you with a customized action plan, and give you access to valuable resources that address your specific health needs to create better health. At the first session, you’ll also receive the results of the first monthly Intuitive Wellness Scan that helps to manage and support your progress by identifying areas of your action plan that may need to be adjusted throughout the process.

Your monthly one-on-one online sessions introduce important foundational concepts that are easy to understand. We help you to integrate these key concepts into your life and provide ongoing email support to answer pressing questions that may come up in between your monthly sessions. Again, this kind of personalized, individual attention helps clients to experience significant shifts in health more quickly and steadily, especially during the first few months when you’re getting started.

With each session, you’ll gain more knowledge and experience that puts you in control of your health, so you can turn your health around. Our goal is to get at the root cause of your issues, so that you have more energy and vitality and feel good in your body.

No matter where you are on your health journey, we’re here to provide the support you need to move you forward to optimal health and wellness so you can do the things you love!

The Individual Holistic Health Consulting program includes:

♥  Initial Planning Session (60 minutes)
  Monthly 1:1 online sessions
  Personal Supplement Plan and updates
  Monthly Intuitive Wellness Scan
  Ongoing email support
  Key information, videos, articles, resources, recipes and tips
  Ongoing access to core program modules and information
  Additional bonus materials and resources
  Schedule additional sessions at discounted rate

You don’t have to suffer from chronic health issues or conditions. Get your health back on track and start feeling better. Schedule an appointment to get on your way to true wellness today!

$150/month + $115 initial session fee

6-Month Holistic Health Program
A fast track, online program for optimal health

This online 6-month program is a great way to kick start your journey to better health and allows you to go at your own pace. At the initial session, you’ll receive a customized supplement plan and access to core instructional modules that guide you through the foundational program, which includes videos, resources and guidelines to help you integrate the information into your daily life. Key concepts and tools are introduced in each module in a clear and simple way, so you understand why they’re beneficial for you and how they help you to reclaim your health.

The methods and protocols in this program provide a streamlined and effective way forward to better health, as well as build a solid foundation for you to maintain greater health and wellness into the future. As you move through the modules, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the process and the foundational elements of the program. And, as you start to see shifts in your health, you’ll know that the program and your body are working to turn your health around.

Our 6-month Holistic Health program can help you find your way out of chronic symptoms and illness, and move toward better health. Get your health back on track, so you can do the things you love again- and really enjoy them!

The program includes:

   6-month online program
   Initial Session (60 minutes – online) 
   Supplement plan
   Email support  (Limited to 5 emails/month of program)
   Videos, information, articles, resources, recipes and tips
   Access to modules and materials beyond the program
   Schedule 1:1 sessions at a discounted rate during the program 

Join the 6-month program now to start living an inspired life of true wellness! Sign up below through the contact form to get started. Additional support beyond the 6 month Holistic Health program is also available.

$75/month + $190 initial session fee

Still not sure what option is best for you?

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