Given the daily stresses of modern life, we all experience disturbances in energy flow that can leave us feeling anxious, depleted, depressed and in pain.

Reiki is a gentle Japanese technique that works to restore your energy flow and clear energetic blockages that can appear as physical symptoms and conditions in the body over time. During your remote session, the healing energy of Reiki is directed to the body with beneficial and positive effects. While each Reiki experience is unique and personal, it’s common to feel physical sensations, warmth, emotional release, and/or feelings of peace during your session.

If you are trying to reduce your recovery time from a surgical procedure or just trying to manage daily stress, Reiki is a subtle and dynamic method that can promote deep relaxation, alleviate pain and mental distress, and create greater emotional/spiritual balance.

Reiki will leave you feeling calm and refreshed as it restores healthy energy flow and balance to mind, body and spirit.  After a few sessions, many people say they have experienced multiple mental, physical, and emotional benefits.

Since it’s natural, non-invasive and safe, Reiki serves as an effective stand-alone treatment, as well as a perfect compliment and support to traditional medical treatments. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to heal your inner self through the connection of mind, body and spirit!

Reiki sessions help to:

Reduce stress and pain
Improve sleep
Increase mental clarity
Balance the mind and emotions
Release negative emotions and stress
Accelerate recovery from surgery and illness
Promote deep relaxation and healing
Prevent illness and maintain health

Please note that Reiki sessions are performed remotely. To get the most out of your session, we recommend scheduling your appointment at a time when you’re able to relax and be quiet without being disturbed.